In accordance with the Law of Personal Data Protection Kept by Individuals, the company, Keywords Studios México, S. de R.L. de C.V., makes available to the general public its privacy, confidentiality, and personal data management policies as follows



Keywords Studios México, S. de R.L. de C.V. (henceforth Keywords Mexico) is a Mexican company established and organized in accordance with the laws of the Mexican Republic, whose social reason and main commercial activity includes providing dubbing and audio design services.

Keywords México presents as address for any related matters in this notice the headquarters located at. Calle Torrente número 75, Colonia Los Alpes Ampliación, Alcaldía Álvaro Obregón, Código Postal 01010, Mexico City.

Finally, Keywords Mexico has appointed in charge of personal data management the Human Resources Department, which is located at the address above with the email,or the following telephone numbers: +525563951849.


Considering the principles of legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality, and responsibility, Keywords Mexico may gather your data directly or indirectly through four different channels. (1) When you provide them personally and directly, (2) when you provide them through any electronic medium (email, hard drive, memory sticks, or other similar media), (3) when you decide to send us your résumé and information through our website, and (4) through other channels as allowed by the law, such us: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, or other public access media.

The data that Keywords Mexico will gather are those that you decide to provide willingly on your résumé and/or through any electronic medium, not limited to the following:

Given name(s) and surnames, age, date of birth, sex, marital status, telephone number (landline and mobile), address, ID number, social security number, email address, bank account number, picture, federal taxpayer registry, education information and academic degrees, working history (former jobs), work and professional skills, job expectations, job references, character references, general knowledge on any course, software suites, areas you wish to develop professionally, desired level and position, language proficiency level.


The reason and purpose of gathering, using, storing, and managing your personal data, including those of sensitive nature, is as follows:

A. Making use of your personal data for the following purposes:

Management, control, and processing of payroll payments; attendance and schedule control; fulfilling tax and social security obligations; payment of job benefits, and any task and operation related to the company’s employees; identification of active employees; statistics and historical records of employees; issuing of tax receipts in accordance with tax law; issuing quotes and/or information that you might require on our products; statistics and historical records of providers and payments.


You, as holder of the personal data, can limit their usage and disclosure by expressing your opposition in written form using any format, addressing, and notifying the persons appointed by Keywords Mexico as responsible of personal data management, either at the address or email address provided on the Item I of this notice.


As a means of reference, a description of the rights of access, correction, cancelation, or opposition is provided below.

  • Access: By this right you are able to request to be informed of what kind of personal data is being managed by Keywords Mexico, the origin of those data and the communications that were done with them.
  • Correction: By this right you are able to request your personal data to be corrected or amended in case the data are incorrect or incomplete, and in possession of Keywords Mexico.
  • Cancelation: When your personal data stop being required for the purposes they were gathered for, you are able to request them to be canceled if they are still kept in the data bases at Keywords Mexico. The cancelation period will be preceded by a lock period during which the data will only be stored for the duration of the prescription of the actions that triggered the management of your personal data, or the period established by law.
  • Opposition: You are able to oppose the management of your personal data, as long as there is a legitimate reason for that, even if you stated previously your consent to that management.

You, as holder of personal rights, or your qualified legal representative may request from Keywords Mexico access, correction, cancelation, or opposition for your personal data at any moment. To do so, it will suffice to address any of the persons assigned by Keywords Mexico in charge of the management of personal data using any format, either at the address or to the email that were provided in Item I of this notice. The message must contain:

  • Your name, as holder of personal rights, or your legal representative’s.
  • Address or electronic channels where you wish to receive the response to your request.
  • Clear and accurate description of the personal data on which you wish to exercise any of the rights above (access, correction, cancelation, or opposition).
  • In the case of correction of personal data requests, you must point at the wrong information and the amendment that is to be done to it.
  • The data, documents or records necessary for locating the personal data.
  • Also, you must provide documents that prove your identity or your legal representative’s, and documents that justify your request. These documents can be presented through any of the channels above.

Keywords Mexico will inform you on the decision to be implemented in no more than ten business days from receiving the request and, if it is approved, Keywords Mexico will implement the decision within fifteen business days from the issuing of the response.

Regarding information access requests, these will be considered addressed when the personal data are presented to the owner of the data, or by issuing simple copies, electronic documents, or any other channel provided to the owner of the data by Keywords Mexico.

In the case that the owner of the data requests access to their data from a person that is presumed to be in charge of them and this person turns out not to be in charge, it will suffice to inform the owner of the data through any printed media (letter of non-compliance) or electronic media (email, optical media, etc.) to consider the request fulfilled.

Keywords Mexico can deny access to the personal data for correction, cancelation, or consent to opposition of the data management in the following cases:

  • When the person making the request is not the owner of the personal data, or the legal representative is not properly authorized to do so.
  • When no personal data are found on the data bases;
  • When a third party’s rights are violated;
  • When there is a legal restriction or a resolution by a relevant authority restricting access to the personal data or forbidding correction, cancelation, or opposition of them.
  • When correction, cancelation, or opposition have already been performed.

Keywords Mexico will limit access to the personal data when the owner of the data explicitly requests it, and is in no obligation to cancel the personal data when:

  • The data concern parts of a previous private, social, or administrative contract, and they are required for developing and fulfilling the contract;
  • The data are to be reviewed by a legal directive;
  • The request hinders legal or administrative actions connected to tax obligations, crime investigation or prosecution, or performance;
  • The data are needed to protect the legal interests of the owner of the data;
  • The data are needed to perform an action on behalf of the public interest;
  • The data are needed for fulfilling a legal obligation acquired by the owner of the data; and,
  • The data subject to review for the prevention, medical diagnosis, or management of health services, as long as that review is done by a healthcare professional under a non-disclosure agreement.


Keywords Mexico may transfer your personal data to controlling, subsidiary or affiliate societies, or to a holding company in Mexico or abroad for statistical purposes and historical employee records. Also, your data may be transferred to service providers to fulfill your job benefits.

Additionally, Keywords Mexico may transfer your personal data to the following individuals:

  • Third party service providers for fulfilling legal, accounting, regulatory, or contractual obligations on behalf of Keywords Mexico;
  • Third parties for purposes of marketing, information technologies, operation, administration, commercialization, and similar legal purposes.

When Keywords Mexico intends to transfer the personal data to third parties, we will communicate the complete content of this privacy notice and the purposes that you, as owner of the data, defined for the data management.


If after this date there are changes to the privacy notice, Keywords Mexico will make them known through any of the following channels:

  • In written form, sent to the address provided by you;
  • As a notification sent to the email provided by you, or,
  • As a post on the Keywords Mexico’s website, namely:


Keywords Mexico implements every necessary and reasonable measure for keeping the personal data they process in an accurate manner and has the obligation of deleting all the incorrect or unnecessary data. Keywords Mexico welcomes you to access your personal data periodically to ensure they are correct and up to date. In case of changes to the personal data kept by Keywords Mexico, it is the responsibility of the client to update the data they provided previously.

Keywords Mexico has implemented policies, rules, and technical measures to protect the personal data of the clients, thus the unauthorized access and improper usage or disclosure of the data is controlled.

Every Keywords Mexico employee and personnel in charge of data processing, that have access to personal data or are related to them, have the obligation to respect the confidentiality of the clients’ personal data in accordance with the statements of this notice.

Keywords Mexico is responsible for managing any issue related to privacy and safety, for fulfilling this notice, and for the directives through an appropriate array of activities, including proactive and reactive risk management, security engineering, training, and assessment. Appropriate measures to deal with internet security, physical security, data loss risk, and similar risks are enforced, keeping in mind the risk inherent to data processing and the nature of the data to be protected. Keywords Mexico limits the access to data bases that keep personal data to only authorized personnel that have a justified need to access that information.


Keywords Mexico holds the right to modify at any moment the contents of this privacy notice for addressing legislative or legal changes, internal policies, new requirements for providing and offering their products and services, or commercial practices.

Any change to this privacy notice will be informed to the users, providers, contractors and/or business partners through the website and/or through other channels mentioned above in this privacy notice. It will be valid immediately after publishing on the website.

The privacy notice referred to on this legal device will be permanently available for review on Keywords Mexico website: and on Keywords Mexico’s headquarters. When a certain event requires changing the terms, the person in charge at Keywords Mexico will inform the owner of the personal data, which they will do at once via email addressed to the owner of the data or by posting on the website.

***Updated version: 19 July 2020.